Pillow Cookies: Not So Fluffy, But Fabulous

I stink at following directions.

When it comes to recipes, it’s rare that I can resist the urge to tinker. Angela of Oh She Glows is a favorite on my Google Reader, and when I saw her post these little pillows, I had to give them a try. One problem: I don’t really like peanut butter.

I know. GASP.

Sunflower butter, cashew butter, almond butter? Yes, please. Lots. But PB…it’s not my thing. I consider it a blessing. It means that when others are passing Reese’s cups, I can say “no thanks” without batting an eyelash. But when left to my own devises, I often sub for another nut butter.

And so I tried these little beauties (recipe originally posted by Isa Chandra) using almond butter for the PB.

I think I had a happy accident.

I knew something was off when my dough was much runnier than what Angela had pictured. I resisted the urge to add flour. The result was more like a gooey caramel filling. Not my intention, but still grand. Rich and chewy, kind of like a brownie, with a vein of yum running through. Vore declared them wonderful.

Three cheers to delicious mistakes.