Musing: Bread, Butter and Jams

No sunshine. Soggy skies. It’s the kind of day that leaves one inside to work at the computer. And to think. Here’s what Veggie’s musing on:

1. Bread: Rainy days are perfect for baking.

There’s a loaf of Italian in Vore’s future. Stay tuned for a post on my doughy adventures.

2. Butter: Paula Deen confirmed she has been diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes.

I can’t decide if this makes me mad (come on, Paula…what did you expect?) or sad. The woman built a career around…

Yep, butter.

Let’s not get too preachy about butter. The stick in the picture above came right out of my fridge. It has two friends in there. Vore and I use butter pretty much daily. But we use it sparingly.

3. Jams: The music kind.

I got to the gym today to find that I had no iPod. Gasp! I left it on the counter at home.

I seriously considered leaving. But I stuck it out and might have learned something. I’m far more attentive to my weightlifting form when there is nothing in my ears. Perhaps I should forget the Pod on purpose everyone in a while?

What are you musing on today?